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ENIC UKRAINE recaps 2019 and chalks out its pathway for 2020 in its last in the previous decade and the first in the ongoing decade digest «Recognition of qualifications in Ukraine and worldwide».

2019 will remain in the history of our Centre as the year of our 10th anniversary. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be striving for: ambitious international projects, fruitful cooperation with our partners within the ENIC-NARIC Networks and in Ukraine, active involvement into the drafting process and reviewing of the national legislation and international documents concerning education, supporting HEIs in organizing the recognition procedure in compliance with the current legal regulations and the best world practices, steady and high-quality everyday work in verification and recognition service provision, informing and consulting on education systems, academic mobility, building fair, comprehensive and transparent recognition procedures in Ukraine, creating positive image and good reputation of Ukrainian education across the world.

All the above-mentioned and more in the new ENIC UKRAINE digest «Recognition of qualifications in Ukraine and worldwide».

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Higher education structure of Ukraine

ConstituentLevelDegree, qualification or education levelScope of the program (ECTS1 credits), period of studyNational qualification framework6
Pre-school education0 level
Complete general secondary education Primary education - 4 years 1 level
Basic secondary education - 5 years 2 level
Profile secondary education - 3 years2 3 level
Out-of-school education - - 0-3 level
Specialized education
Professional (vocational) education3 The first (initial) level of professional (vocational) education Working qualification; Qualified worker; Junior Specialist Regulated by standards of professional (vocational) education 2 level
The second (basic) level of professional (vocational) education 3 level
The third (higher) level of professional (vocational) education 4 level
Professional pre-higher education3 5 level
Higher education Initial level (short cycle) of higher education Junior Bachelor4 Educational and professional program – 120-150 credits 6 level
The first (Bachelor) level of higher education Bachelor Educational and professional program – 180-240 credits 7 level
The second (Master) level of higher education Master Educational and professional program – 90-120 credits 8 level
Educational and scientific program – 120 credits (scientific component - not less than 30%)
Master of Medical, Pharmaceutical or Veterinary field5 Educational program – 300-360 credits
The third ( educational and research /educational and creative) level of higher education Doctor of Philosophy Preparation in aspirantura (adjuncture) – 4 years, educational component of the educational and scientific program – 30-60 credits 9 level
Doctor of Arts Preparation in creative aspirantura – 3 years, educational component of the educational and creative program – 30-60 credits
Research level of higher education Doctor of Science - 10 level
Adult education, including postgraduate education Partial qualifications -

1 – European Credit Transfer System

2 – In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Education” (items 3-4 item 3 section ХІІ) learning the pupils on twelve-year full-time secondary education programs begins:

For primary education is from September 1, 2018;

For basic secondary education is from September 1, 2022;

For profile secondary education is from September 1, 2027.

By 2027 the introduction of educational programs of a three-year profile school is possible by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

3 – Programs can be integrated with profile secondary education programs

4 – A Diploma on higher education of the educational qualification level of Junior Specialist (primary higher education) equals to a Diploma on higher education of an educational and professional degree of Junior Bachelor's degree. The last admission for obtaining higher education at the educational qualification level of Junior Specialist is conducted in 2019

5 – Training for Master's degree in Medical, Pharmaceutical or Veterinary fields on the basis of complete general secondary education or the educational qualification level of Junior Specialist is considered simultaneously as obtaining the Bachelor's and Master's degrees (integrated programs)

6– National qualification framework: http://zakon0.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/1341-2011-%D0%BF#n37

Reforming the education system

The educational system of Ukraine is under active reformation. In 2014 with the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" from 01.07.2014 № 1556-VII there have been changes in the structure of higher education. The structure gradually deduces the educational qualification levels of the junior specialist and specialist, as well as the scientific degree of the candidate of sciences.

In September, 2017 the Law of Ukraine "On Education" was adopted and it came into force on 09/28/2017. This law, in particular, provides for changes in the system of complete secondary education and professional (vocational) education. Also, laws on general secondary education and vocational education are expected to be changed.

Correlation between the degrees in new structure and the previous ones

(according to the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” from 01.07.2014)

Junior Specialist DiplomaJunior Bachelor Diploma
Specialist DiplomaMaster Diploma
Candidate of Science DiplomaPhD Diploma

Updated: October, 2019.